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TUWC: Whats next for the Tulsa Urban Wilderness Coalition?

With the mall question seemingly solved, the Tulsa Urban Wilderness Coalition has turned its eyes toward a new goal: securing the future of Turkey Mountain for the long-term.

This is where the work of the many comes into play. Just like we needed everyone’s voices to stand up for protecting urban wilderness, we need people to rise up again. In this case, the way to protect wild woodlands is to take it off the market. And to do that, we need to buy it.

TUWC is actively raising funds for the purchase of land in the Turkey Mountain area. The land won’t come cheap, so the task before us is significant. We are hoping to raise at least $3.2 million to ensure Turkey Mountain remains a true wilderness area where people can hike, bike, run and view wildlife in its natural habitat. This is a true treasure for Tulsa and northeastern Oklahoma and is worth the investment to keep it intact and free from development.

We have three ways people can give to this cause.

First, we have an account set up through the Tulsa Community Foundation that is solely for the purpose of land purchases. You can donate to that here. It is even possible to set up reoccurring monthly donations at a minimum of $5.00

Second, we have set up a GoFundMe site that is also accepting funds for land purchases. You can donate through that channel here.

Lastly, we have a bank account set up at Yorktown bank to accept donations. These donations can be delivered to

Yorktown Bank
2222 S Utica Pl #350
Tulsa OK, 74114 

No matter how you choose to donate, your contribution is tax-deductible.

One very important thing to keep in mind: The land that was part of the original outlet mall plan is still zoned in such a way that it could be purchased and used for commercial purposes. And it’s still for sale. This further drives home the point that the sooner we can take it off the market, the sooner we can keep Turkey Mountain free from development.

Donate Today

So please consider donating to this task. The more people who give, the closer we will get to ensuring the future of Tulsa’s greatest wild green space.

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