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Volunteers Cleanup & Monitor Mooser Creek on Turkey Mountain

Mooser Creek at the north boundary of Turkey Mountain has been able to remain in reasonably good condition despite encroaching urbanization.  How do we know?  Mooser Creek is monitored by devoted Blue Thumb volunteers.  Several of Turkey Mountain’s trails twist and turn and progress north to tie into areas along the southern bank of Mooser Creek.


Mooser creek clean up Tulsa OK
Volunteer Gayle with Blue Thumb coordinator (and TUWC member!) Cheryl Cheadle collect benthic macroinvertebrates (snails, larval insects, etc.) from the stream as part of Blue Thumb monitoring.
Red darters found in Mooser Creek
Darters are small fish that like to make their home in the riffles of streams where the water is likely to be well-oxygenated. This redfin darter is a great find – these little fish cannot survive if pollution levels go too high.
Darters in Mooser Creek
More Darters! These are orangethroated darters, another great find, although they are not quite as sensitive as are the redfin darters.
Mooser Creek
Rocky ledges, emergent vegetation, large rocks, woody debris – all of these habitat components can be found in Mooser Creek. With Turkey Mountain being such as important part of the Mooser Creek watershed, protecting Turkey Mountain also protects Mooser Creek!!!
Mooser Creek
Volunteers Walt and Gayle not only perform monitoring, they pick up the trash that so often plagues the stream that flows from SW Tulsa and enters the Arkansas River just south of Interstate 44.

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Blog: ProactiveOutside – What the evolution of local conservation looks like

So we know there are more users of the park. But we also know that there are more people willing to invest their time and energy not just in enjoying it, but caring for it. This speaks well of the city’s residents and the future of conservation in northeast Oklahoma. It also points toward a continuing mission that goes far beyond an opposition campaign. I have to say, I like that trend.

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Blog: YogisDen – Turkey Mountain Cleanup Day and the George Kaiser Family Foundation Purchases the Simon Malls Tract

 It is a win/win. Simon Malls decided to build the mall on a more appropriate site and the private landowners of the 60 acres got paid for the value of the land that we users of the mountain enjoyed at their expense.

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TUWC – Winter Cleanup 2016

The  Tulsa Urban Wilderness Coalition would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to everyone who participated in todays Cleanup Day #tuwccleanup ! We had the pleasure of sharing the beautiful weather with over 120 participants! We were overwhelmed at such a fantastic turnout! With this being the start of running and cycling season we know many of our supporters were unable to attend. We promise to hold more cleanup days in 2016!

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TUWC & OEF team up to host cleanup day!

Turkey Mountain Cleanup Day



Saturday January 17th @ 9:30 AM


Please Join Us! We would love your help with some fun and easy winter cleanup, all you need to do is show up with a positive attitude and a little energy to give back to Turkey Mountain. All ages and skill levels welcome.

We are anticipating a high turn out and parking will be at a premium. Please carpool when available and please DO NOT park at the church across the street.

Volunteers will gather at the Turkey Mountain Urban Wilderness trailhead parking lot to then hike into the park to pick up litter and prune vegetation that obstructs hikers, runners and cyclists who may be on the trails.

Please bring the following: a personal water bottle (jugs of water will be provided), a picnic lunch, work gloves and pruners / loppers (clearly identifiable as your own) if you have them!

Special group assignment opportunities also available, to learn more you can reach us at byway of our email webmaster@tulsaurbanwildernesscoalition.org

Thank You To Our Cleanup Day CoSponsor OEF!


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Tulsa World: Volunteers Clean Up!

100-plus volunteers repair, reroute trails on Turkey Mountain

Michael Patton, executive director of The Metropolitan Environmental Trust, which helped organize the volunteers, said the event was unique because of the wilderness area itself — you can’t just drive a truck up the trails. Crews had to “do it the hard way to keep it wilderness,” Patton said, by using wheelbarrows to carry up gravel and dirt to fill in eroded terrain.

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