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Blog: YogisDen – More on the Outlet Mall on Turkey Mountain

More on the Outlet Mall on Turkey Mountain

Damage that was done for no purpose. Keep in mind that this is not public land, it is private land so I guess they can do whatever the landowner will stand for. Still, I spent years building pipelines all over Texas, Louisiana, and Mississippi and I never met a landowner who would stand for this kind of damage during the survey process.

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Blog: Proactiveoutside – Turkey Mountain update: The damage that’s already done

Turkey Mountain update: The damage that’s already done

Here’s the deal: If this mall gets approved, what is pictured above is just a sampling. Much more acreage will be cut down. Drainage issues look problematic: storm water runoff from a parking lot (which would include toxic things like spilled motor oil, gasoline, other auto fluids and whatever leaks from trash dumpsters) looks like it would flow downhill into a ravine, which eventually drain into Mooser Creek, itself a delicate ecosystem maybe a mile to the north. And who knows what erosion issues we’re talking about.

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Blog: TZ – Sad, Sick, Heartbreaking.

Sad, Sick, Heartbreaking

Almost 31 inches. With a 30.75 inch diameter, the circumference would be This webpage given the diameter was 31 inches and the circumference 96 1/2 inches, says the age to be around 100 years old. This was one of the oldest trees on Turkey Mountain. There was no need to cut it down. If the lovely mall were to build, they would not build on the side of a hill so near the pipeline trail. This should have been one tree they kept.

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