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TUWC – Looking back on 2016

As another year draws to a close it is important to look back at what we have accomplished to better plan our goals for the new year. While we reflected the one thing that stuck with us was how much commitment Tulsa is showing to a renewed sense of community. A deep desire to be outdoors and a measurable value in what we have. Tulsa, again you leave us happy and speechless. Thank you.

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KOTV – River Parks Adding Fencing Around Turkey Mountain To Stop Illegal Dumping

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Blog: YogisDen – Turkey Mountain Cleanup Day and the George Kaiser Family Foundation Purchases the Simon Malls Tract

 It is a win/win. Simon Malls decided to build the mall on a more appropriate site and the private landowners of the 60 acres got paid for the value of the land that we users of the mountain enjoyed at their expense.

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Tulsa World: River Parks board OKs loan deal tied to Vision funding to expand Turkey Mountain lands

River Parks board OKs loan deal tied to Vision funding to expand Turkey Mountain lands

The River Parks Authority approved two measures on Thursday designed to make its plans to acquire more lands around Turkey Mountain more attractive to Vision 2025 renewal voters.

The board voted 4-0 to accept a $5.6 million non-recourse loan from QuikTrip Corporation and the George Kaiser Family Foundation to fund the accelerated purchase of lands “in the vicinity of Turkey Mountain.”

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Tulsa World: Meeting for proposed mall near Turkey Mountain

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TUWC: Tulsa Urban Wilderness Coalition Acknowledges Meeting With Representatives From Simon Property Group, Finds Plan Lacking In Important Details

For the full press release click here.

“Based upon an in-depth review of Simon’s plans, their lack of follow up detail, and how these plans do not respect the surrounding properties and their future intended use, Tulsa Urban Wilderness Coalition cannot support Simon’s development plans and requests for public tax incentives for this site.  We wish Simon well in the Tulsa market but feel it is unfortunate they selected this site without apparent consideration for what pristine urban wilderness means to not just Tulsa, but the entire region,”

TUWC public relations coordinator Laurie Biby said.

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Blog: ProactiveOutside – A bad mall plan’s details are revealed, and it still looks pretty bad

A bad mall plan’s details are revealed, and it still looks pretty bad

The outlet mall at Turkey Mountain would degrade quality of life for Tulsa. Notice I didn’t say an outlet mall on its own is a bad thing. But rather an outlet mall in that location would degrade a real asset for the city, an area with more than 40 miles of wooded trails for hikers, cyclists, runners, geocachers and equestrians. Individuals and families go there to experience nature on its terms without having to drive out of the city. As it exists, the greater Turkey Mountain area is a prime site for people to get outside, exercise and get in tune with nature like no other place in the city. Plopping a mall on a chunk of that land would degrade the experience.

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Blog: TZ – Uninformed comments

Uninformed comments

Blah blah blah. ANYONE who has followed this story knows the land is privately owned. Kaiser did indeed buy a large amount of land between the Riverparks land and the proposed mall site and intends to keep it wild. Putting this mall next door to existing wild area, as well as paving 60 acres of wild area is devastating to this wilderness. And the mention of congestion?? This mall brings with it the worst traffic problems the sity has ever seen. Already, thousands of commuters bypass Tulsa Hills and speed down 61st Street and Elwood. Throw in this outlet mall and the two lane bridge over HWY 75, and this will be a major bottle-neck. This is a very sensitive issue to me, as I live in the neighborhood just west of the Turkey Mountain parking lot, and have to deal with traffic that has tripled since Tulsa Hills was built..

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Blog: YogisDen – Turkey Mountain – Still Saying No to the Mall

Turkey Mountain – Still Saying No to the Mall

Anyway Turkey Mountain is unique. A wilderness within sight of downtown. It is important to keep it that way. An outlet mall can go anywhere. If you think we need one of course. We’ve been doing fine without is my opinion.

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GKFF Steps in

Great News
Update: Where things stand on Turkey Mountain vs. the outlet mall

I’d emphasize that no one I’ve talked to is against building an outlet mall. We’d just prefer to see it built somewhere else. And for the future, it would be good for all the stakeholders involved — the city, land owners, trail users, and so forth — to come up with a long-term use plan that would help us preserve the city’s lone open and wild green space.

Turkey Mountain is a special place, a unique facet to the city of Tulsa. Large numbers of people get outside, get healthy and spend time with their families out here. Tulsa has fine parks, but this is one of those rare places within the city limits where you can get outside and be in a truly natural setting. If we lose it, it’s never coming back.

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