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Blog: TZ – District Two Meeting. Subject: Turkey as we know it vs Simon

District Two Meeting. Subject: Turkey as we know it vs Simon

This is supposed to be the wall as viewed from about halfway down the pipeline trail. It’s cute how road bikes are leisurely pedaling up what is a steep incline on a dirt road. And no helmets!! This is their idea of camouflage the wall. Perfectly spaced large trees near the top and hundreds of saplings in between whatever existing trees they decide to leave for us. Give it 40-50 years, and it’ll look great. I’ll be dead by then.

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Tulsa World: Renderings

Company unveils new details for outlet mall near Turkey Mountain

The Tulsa Premium Outlets project is one of three upscale outlet malls that have been announced recently, although all would be competing for some of the same retailers to commit to a property before ground is broken, city officials said.

Another mall inside Tulsa’s city limits is planned for construction at 129th East Avenue and Interstate 44 and is being developed by Horizon Group Properties.

The Cherokee Nation is also planning a development near the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Catoosa.

City officials have said tax increment finance districts are being considered to fund infrastructure needs for the two projects in Tulsa.

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Tulsa World: In the end there can be only one

Don’t expect three new outlet malls, Tulsa officials say

“There is not going to be three outlet malls; there is only going to be one,” City Councilor Skip Steele said last week.

The question for the city, Bird said, is to determine whether it is prudent to provide financial incentives to the developers and, if so, what kind.

Typically, those incentives come in the form of sales-tax reimbursements, Tax Increment Finance Districts or a similar funding mechanism, for the construction of public infrastructure.

“So it really is a race against time and where it is going to go,” Steele said. “It is really important that we get it (the outlet mall) in Tulsa first, because it is $4 million in sales tax on an annual basis that goes into the city’s general fund.”

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Tulsa World: Catoosa Outlet Mall

‘Cherokee Outlets’ to bring 1,000 jobs to Catoosa

Simon Property Group announced last month it would build an upscale outlet mall in west Tulsa. Simon is also owner of Woodland Hills Mall in Tulsa.

About 70,000 cars per day pass by Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Tulsa, which boasts a 90 percent occupancy rate for overnight guests.

The Hard Rock announcement coincides with news of other major retail centers under development or construction in northeast Oklahoma and the Tulsa area.

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KOTV: A mall on Turkey Mountain slated

Proposed Outlet Mall Would Close Some Turkey Mountain Trails

Other developers want to build a 185,000 square foot outlet mall where 244 and 44 meet. They are competing with Simon to be the first to secure big name retailers.

The trails that would be shut down are not managed by River Parks, the authority said the trails are unofficial trails, but are commonly used.

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