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TulsaNow: What happened

A Tale of Two Maps

As you can see, a couple of the trails are going to be affected. The vast majority of the wilderness area, on both public and private land, will not be touched. The Simon Properties development will be on a small part of the western-most edge of the area. The INCOG trail map puts things in perspective best: it shows how large the entire area is compared to the size of this private lot. It also very clearly shows who owns what land — some of it is city, some of it is private, some of it is owned by the YMCA.

You can also see a lot of light grey dividing lines.  These are individual lots.  Who exactly owns these lots, what’s the zoning for them and are they in danger of being purchased and developed as well?  We’ll answer that next.


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City of Tulsa updates Turkey Mountain Maps.

City of Tulsa does some backpeddling

A further development in the Turkey Mountain development story. The City of Tulsa is doing some major back-peddling stating that all of the trails on the west side of Powerline are private land and NOT a part of RiverParks or the City of Tulsa Parks System. These are some of the oldest trails on Turkey Mountain and are used in several mountain bike and trail races. Even today, there is an off-road duathlon there starting and finishing at the Westside YMCA. I am certain that a permit had to be bought from RiverParks to have this event. In the latest press release, this map was posted.

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