RD Flanagan : Mooser Creek Greenway

Commissioned By the City of Tulsa

This Mooser Creek Greenway Plan celebrates the rich natural, cultural and political history of the basin, and presents a plan developed by the citizens that preserves the best of what is there, while ensuring that quality future growth and development can continue to enhance the livability of the southwest Tulsa area.

-Bill LaFortune Mayor, City of Tulsa

In line with the Comprehensive Plan, residents want to see as much of the basin’s wildlife habitat and vegetation retained as possible, its floodplains and steep slopes protected, and its rural-residential character preserved. Although the Okmulgee Expressway Corridor is zoned for commercial development, there is a clear consensus against the creation of a sprawling, high-intensity, 24-hour business complex like the one at Woodland Hills, which would obliterate the watershed’s natural beauty and unique character.  (V-6)

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