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Tulsa World: Outlet mall developer abandons Turkey Mountain site for Jenks location

Outlet mall developer abandons Turkey Mountain site for Jenks location

An outlet mall slated for the Turkey Mountain area is now headed to Jenks, according to an investor’s brochure from the developer and the mayor of Jenks.

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Blog: Smart Growth Tulsa Coalition – PRESERVE OUR URBAN WILDERNESS


Now, almost exactly 30 years after the Turkey Mountain Special District was created, there is again an interest in commercial development adjacent to this wonderful natural recreation feature.

Our city leaders have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars since the 1970’s trying to determine what best defines Tulsa; what will best attract new residents and economic development; what makes Tulsa unique.

In city after city there are large commercial clusters as well as strips of commercial development. There is nothing unique about commercial shopping malls.

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Tulsa World: Wilderness group opposes proposed outlet mall near Turkey Mountain

Wilderness group opposes proposed outlet mall near Turkey Mountain

A local wilderness coalition said Tuesday that it cannot support the proposed development of an outlet mall near the Turkey Mountain Urban Wilderness area, in part because the developer has been unable to fully address the organization’s concerns about the project’s impact on the area.

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Blog: TZ – Can the tide be turning?

Can the tide be turning?

Turkey Mountain is in District Two. I live in District Two (2/10 of a mile from the Turkey Mountain parking lot) and Jeannie and I have exchanged emails a few times. She is not at all sold on the mall going on Turkey, and she can be quite influential with the other eight counselors. Take a few minutes to send an email. If you’re lucky and they respond, keep the dialogue open. These city officials work for us, and want to represent us.

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Blog: TZ – Uninformed comments

Uninformed comments

Blah blah blah. ANYONE who has followed this story knows the land is privately owned. Kaiser did indeed buy a large amount of land between the Riverparks land and the proposed mall site and intends to keep it wild. Putting this mall next door to existing wild area, as well as paving 60 acres of wild area is devastating to this wilderness. And the mention of congestion?? This mall brings with it the worst traffic problems the sity has ever seen. Already, thousands of commuters bypass Tulsa Hills and speed down 61st Street and Elwood. Throw in this outlet mall and the two lane bridge over HWY 75, and this will be a major bottle-neck. This is a very sensitive issue to me, as I live in the neighborhood just west of the Turkey Mountain parking lot, and have to deal with traffic that has tripled since Tulsa Hills was built..

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Blog: YogisDen – More on the Outlet Mall on Turkey Mountain

More on the Outlet Mall on Turkey Mountain

Damage that was done for no purpose. Keep in mind that this is not public land, it is private land so I guess they can do whatever the landowner will stand for. Still, I spent years building pipelines all over Texas, Louisiana, and Mississippi and I never met a landowner who would stand for this kind of damage during the survey process.

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Blog: Proactiveoutside – Turkey Mountain update: The damage that’s already done

Turkey Mountain update: The damage that’s already done

Here’s the deal: If this mall gets approved, what is pictured above is just a sampling. Much more acreage will be cut down. Drainage issues look problematic: storm water runoff from a parking lot (which would include toxic things like spilled motor oil, gasoline, other auto fluids and whatever leaks from trash dumpsters) looks like it would flow downhill into a ravine, which eventually drain into Mooser Creek, itself a delicate ecosystem maybe a mile to the north. And who knows what erosion issues we’re talking about.

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Blog: TZ – Sad, Sick, Heartbreaking.

Sad, Sick, Heartbreaking

Almost 31 inches. With a 30.75 inch diameter, the circumference would be This webpage given the diameter was 31 inches and the circumference 96 1/2 inches, says the age to be around 100 years old. This was one of the oldest trees on Turkey Mountain. There was no need to cut it down. If the lovely mall were to build, they would not build on the side of a hill so near the pipeline trail. This should have been one tree they kept.

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Blog: TZ – Have you seen these beetles on Turkey Mountain?

Have you seen these beetles on Turkey Mountain?

The American Burying Beetle is on the Endangered Species list, and has been reported in five US states, including Oklahoma. A Google search turns up tons of reading, and it appears to me that this is a real possibility. Defenders.org explains the Endangers Species Act and the ABB.

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Blogs: Trail users weigh in on what development would mean.

Turkey Mountain update: Risking wilderness and taxpayer money on a dubious outlet mall plan

I’d argue that the proposed Premium Shoppes at Turkey Mountain is a plan destined for failure. And what will that leave us with, should that come to pass? A barren parking lot with empty buildings sitting atop what used to be wild, old-growth forest that people and wildlife once enjoyed. A city asset will become a liability, and there won’t be any chance of recovering what it used to be.

More outlet mall ponderings

To some, an outlet mall is the best gift ever–new jobs for our city, more sales tax revenue, and BARGAINS! Ask 1,000 people from all areas and walks of life–“Would you like to have a Premium Outlet Mall in Tulsa?” 95% of Tulsans would answer yes. I am sure of that. But ask the SAME 1,000 people a second question–“If another location for the mall could be found that did not have a negative impact on Tulsa’s Urban Wilderness, would you be in favor of putting it in another location? I bet at least 80% would favor another location.

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