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TUWC – Land Donations to River Parks Authority

With Thursday’s news of land donations to Turkey Mountain, it’s important to take a long view back to what made this happen. In addition to lands donated by the city of Tulsa to the Tulsa River Parks Authority, the George Kaiser Family Foundation donated even more, bringing the total to around 400 acres. These donations triple River Parks Authority’s land inventory at Turkey Mountain.

GKFF has been a forward-thinking entity when it comes to preserving land at Turkey Mountain, buying up parcels for well over a decade. It has been patient, waiting for the city to commit to a vision for the area that dates back to the late 1970s – to keep that section of land along the Arkansas River as wild and free as possible, for the purpose of giving Tulsans a place to enjoy the outdoors in a natural setting.

The trend has been heading that way. Plans for an outlet mall on Turkey Mountain’s western edge were loudly rejected by the public, and the city listened. The land was included in the latest Vision Tulsa sales tax package, taking it off the market.

Next came dealing with the inherent instability of Turkey Mountain’s land leases. Monthly lease terms meant the possibility existed that lands leased to RPA could be wild one month, then developed commercially the next. A master lease program has ended that, providing a more stable and clear future for Turkey Mountain.

And now we have Thursday’s land donation, the moment that GKFF and many other advocates for Turkey Mountain have been waiting for. A hodgepodge of public and private land holdings is now being further unified, which will give planners the needed certainty that Turkey Mountain can be a long-term site for outdoor recreation.

For years, Turkey Mountain has been a magnet for mountain bikers, runners, hikers and nature enthusiasts. We now have greater assurance that this quality-of-life asset will remain so for the foreseeable future. Turkey Mountain serves as an important site for preserving the health of the city’s air and water, and is a major asset in the area’s promising outdoor recreation economy.

Thursday’s news is good for all Tulsans, now and in the future. For this, we owe the George Kaiser Family Foundation no small amount of gratitude. Its long-term thinking is paying off.

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TUWC: Simon Properties asks for INCOG continuance to Aug

Colin Tawney
TUWC Government Affairs Coordinator

According to our sources at INCOG, Simon has requested another continuance of their zoning hearing before the TMAPC to August 19, 2015.

Based on lack of public support as well as lack of support from the City Council, we cannot see how Simon would still be preparing a site plan for this property.

However, the recent announcement by the City of Jenks that Simon had signed a contract on land south of the Creek Turnpike, was pre-empted by a cancelled press conference.

What does all this mean, and should we still be concerned? Anyone involved with this project has said Simon has been very silent since the forums were held in mid-March. The series of delays and lack of communication on this matter has puzzled government leaders as well as development insiders.

Based on what has happened in other markets where there have been multiple developers vying for an outlet mall in a market which will only support one, this is really not terribly surprising. In other markets where Simon was late to the game, they have used similar tactics to end up either chasing out competition or partnering with another developer. Simon is the undisputed king of outlet retail management companies, they also rule the traditional mall market. With that sort of presence comes the clout to woo all of the major retailers required to develop an outlet mall.

Certainly, we cannot take our eyes off Simon, but with the high cost of infrastructure improvements as well as numerous challenges the Turkey Mountain site presents, there really does not seem to be any reason for Simon to attempt to develop there.

We are continuing to monitor the situation and follow up with city officials as well as contacts we have within the development community. We will have someone attend the June 17 TMAPC meeting to report back on the continuance or if there are any other developments.

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Tulsa World: Outlet mall developer abandons Turkey Mountain site for Jenks location

Outlet mall developer abandons Turkey Mountain site for Jenks location

An outlet mall slated for the Turkey Mountain area is now headed to Jenks, according to an investor’s brochure from the developer and the mayor of Jenks.

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Blogs: Trail users weigh in on what development would mean.

Turkey Mountain update: Risking wilderness and taxpayer money on a dubious outlet mall plan

I’d argue that the proposed Premium Shoppes at Turkey Mountain is a plan destined for failure. And what will that leave us with, should that come to pass? A barren parking lot with empty buildings sitting atop what used to be wild, old-growth forest that people and wildlife once enjoyed. A city asset will become a liability, and there won’t be any chance of recovering what it used to be.

More outlet mall ponderings

To some, an outlet mall is the best gift ever–new jobs for our city, more sales tax revenue, and BARGAINS! Ask 1,000 people from all areas and walks of life–“Would you like to have a Premium Outlet Mall in Tulsa?” 95% of Tulsans would answer yes. I am sure of that. But ask the SAME 1,000 people a second question–“If another location for the mall could be found that did not have a negative impact on Tulsa’s Urban Wilderness, would you be in favor of putting it in another location? I bet at least 80% would favor another location.

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Blog: YogisDen – Simon Property Group Formally Announces New Outlet Mall on Tulsa’s Turkey Mountain

Simon Property Group Formally Announces New Outlet Mall on Tulsa’s Turkey Mountain

The dirty little secret about shopping malls is that they are declining. Tulsa has several shopping malls that are in severe decline. Maybe Simon could rebuild an out mall in such a location and leave a wilderness alone.

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KOKI: Simon Announcement

Outlet mall proposal in west Tulsa; Announcement Friday at 10 a.m.

The Simon Group project is just one of the recent proposals in the works for an outlet mall in Tulsa County.

The second project we’ve told you about include the Horizon Group’s project in east Tulsa The Horizon proposal would create a 90-store outlet mall, bringing $120-million in sales each year, while creating 1,200 permanent jobs. The third proposal comes from the Cherokee Outlet group.


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Tulsa World: In the end there can be only one

Don’t expect three new outlet malls, Tulsa officials say

“There is not going to be three outlet malls; there is only going to be one,” City Councilor Skip Steele said last week.

The question for the city, Bird said, is to determine whether it is prudent to provide financial incentives to the developers and, if so, what kind.

Typically, those incentives come in the form of sales-tax reimbursements, Tax Increment Finance Districts or a similar funding mechanism, for the construction of public infrastructure.

“So it really is a race against time and where it is going to go,” Steele said. “It is really important that we get it (the outlet mall) in Tulsa first, because it is $4 million in sales tax on an annual basis that goes into the city’s general fund.”

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Blog: YogisDen – Saying No to an Outlet Mall on Turkey Mountain

Saying No to an Outlet Mall on Turkey Mountain

Turkey Mountain is home to a lot of critters, Everything from snakes, turtles, and deer to thousands of people: geocachers, hikers, runners, bicyclist, Boy Scouts, Cub Scouts and just people wanting to go get their heads clear.

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